Insulated Shipping Boxes For Food

Insulated Shipping Boxes For Food

Aug 31, 2020

Insulated shipping boxes for food

LANDY help ou to find the packaging solution to transport temperature-sensitive or perishable items. Using a insulated shipping caton boxes, you can find the correct size boxes to transport food, medical supplies and other items. Used in conjunction with cold chian bags to achieve maximum freshness and temperature control.The insulated shipping box comes with an insulated box liner for packaging and shipping food, beverages and medicines. The insulated box helps keep the packaging temperature constant and prevents damage to the product due to overheating or overcooling.
Insulated Shipping Boxes For FoodThe LANDY insulated box is made of recyclable low-density polyethylene foam. The 2-piece LDPE insulated box can keep your food in the minimum temperature range of +2˚c to +8˚c or below -15˚c 24 hours. The choice of ice pack is very important here.

LANDY Insulated Box benefits:

1. Prevent radiant heat transfer.

2. Resistant to fungus, mold and mildew

3. Enhance EPS performance.

4. Not affected by moisture or humidity.

5. Thin and light.

6. Provide a protective cushion.

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