Landy Box Liner Feature&Benifits

Landy Box Liner Feature&Benifits

Dec 23, 2019

Landy Box Liner Feature&Benifits

box liner.jpgLandy box liner is superior to similar products from other manufacturers or suppliers for the following reasons

1.Landy has a professional production line for insulated box liner, from heat-sealed aluminum film and bubble layer production to  finished box liner products. We have 6 fully automated production lines and 10 quality inspectors.

2.In general, LANDY foil box liners are 10% -20% cheaper than expanded polystyrene EP.

3.It has unparalleled temperature control performance.

4.It has a space-saving design for efficient transportation and storage.

5.Its durable material prevents breakage during transportation.

6.It has a waterproof seal to ensure your product stays dry during shipping.

7.Its foldable design makes it easy to transport and saves storage costs.

8.You can customize the size and materials for box liner, and we have a sufficient inventory of usual format insulate bags.

9.Bubble lining adds cushioning to protect the contents

10.Our box liner has a glossy appearance and the surface is dirty and difficult to show