LANDY cold shipping and thermal packaging solutions

LANDY cold shipping and thermal packaging solutions

Oct 31, 2020

LANDY cold shipping and thermal packaging solutions
Since 2000, LANDY has been the leader of thermal shipping packing. From sustainable insulated thermal bags to insulated liners for shipping boxes and boxes, LANDY Cold Shipping Solutions has all combinations of thermal shipping packing, which can provide cost-effectiveness.

Our packing solutions can protect your products during safe and complete transportation. Our insulated shipping box liner, insulated envelope and pallet cover protect customers from seasonal environmental temperatures during cargo transportation.

thermal packaging solution

Our advatages:

The duration of the temperature range can be adjusted according to the application.

Unique reflective insulating materials provide effective thermal performance.

There are currently 20 solutions prepared, depending on customer needs.

The products go through strict quality inspection procedures before leaving the factory

Custom printing and various cold insulated shipping options are available, and free samples are available. . Call us at +86-13570707533 or contact us and request a custom quote.