LANDY fresh fruit and veg delivery insulated box kits

LANDY fresh fruit and veg delivery insulated box kits

Oct 16, 2020

LANDY fresh fruit and veg delivery insulated box kits
In recent years, with the rapid advancement of packaging technology, food transportation packaging can maintain freshness longer. Everyone can buy all kinds of fast food and fast food in online shopping.
LANDY has introduced insulated box, box liner, insulated pouch, and therma Tote bag and other innovative cold chain packaging and transportation solutions provide peripheral supporting products to ensure that food is fresh and safe during the entire transportation process from farm to table.

Product packaging experts will introduce you to 4 kinds of efficient packaging of temperature-sensitive products.

LANDY cold shipping boxes.jpg

LANDY cold shipping boxes

foil box liner.jpg

foil box liner

1.Paper Cardboard Box + Insulated Box Liner Film

As a general transportation package, corrugated cartons are the first consideration for frozen food transportation and packaging for their shock-proof, compressive performance and cost advantages. Aluminum foil box liner material has the characteristics of pollution-free, high barrier, high strength, high and low temperature resistance. The combination of the two can play a better freezing transportation effect. LANDY insulated box kits include insulated carton and inner lining. The carton can be customized with brand printing, and combined purchase can enjoy a discount.

2.EPS Foam Box + Insulated Box Liner Film

Foam Box is not effective for frozen products that need to be transported for more than 24 hours. At present, it is common on the market to use it with dry ice and epe foam liner, which has a longer preservation time and is cheaper.

3.Hot Cold Cooler Bag

The main material of this plastic portable Cooler Bag is aluminum foil epe foam sheet, which is easy to clean and reusable. Compared with the traditional woven cooler bag, it is more cost-effective.

4.LANDY Cooling Thermal Bag

LANDY’s innovative silver cooling bag has a pocket inside the bag for storing ice packs, effectively storing the ice packs to melt. We have specialized designers to design the bag scheme according to your needs, including shape, size, printing, closing method, etc. All can be customized, please contact us to enjoy a limited time free customization service.

thermal bubble mailers.jpg

thermal bubble mailers

insulated tote bag.jpg

insulated tote bag

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