LANDY insulated mailer liner for food

LANDY insulated mailer liner for food

Sep 07, 2020

The LANDY insulated mailer liner is specially designed and manufactured to maintain a stable temperature of frozen food during transportation. These insulated mailer packaging are tough enough to be used for a long time without penetration. Padded insulated mailer bags are light in weight and are made of aluminum foil bubble material. They help reduce transportation costs without affecting packaging safety.

LANDY Insulted Mailer Packaging Solutions:

1. Customize any size and insulated mailer material.

2. Bubble wrap lining provides additional protection and insulation.

3. Thin, flexible, sealable, light weight and easy to transport.

4. Customized size, one-time use and cost-effective.

5. Ideal for short-term transportation-ice packs can be used for expansion.
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The insulated shipping mailer is usually used to mail or package perishable foods and medicines through 1-2 days of service to provide temperature control for temperature-sensitive items. Aluminum foil film reflects most of the heat and bubble wrap paper, making it an ideal temperature shielding material, thereby providing further insulation for storing and transporting refrigerated products at high temperatures and reducing product deterioration due to temperature peaks.
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