Metal Shed Roof Foil Insulation

Metal Shed Roof Foil Insulation

Sep 17, 2020

Metal shed roof foil insulation

Shed roof foil insulation can reduce radiant heat transfer. Metal shed roof insulation is an environmentally friendly thermal insulation material. Compared with traditional thermal insulation materials, its reflectivity is as high as 97%. It can be installed on the roof, wall or floor to protect the wall against thermal shock and sudden cold.

SizeCustomized Roll/Sheet Size
Thickness 3MM-20MM
Thermal conductivity1.455 W / mK
CertificateISO9001, ROHS, CE, SGS, TUV 

Why metal shed roof insulation can provide the best insulation:

1. No odor, non-toxic, environmental protection;

2. Moisture proof, sun protection, waterproof, good sealing performance, heat preservation, energy saving...

3. Heat dissipation, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-radiation, anti-vibration, shielding;

4. Lightweight, soft, dust-free, flame retardant, easy to install;

best shed roof insulation.jpg

best shed roof insulation

under deck insulation.jpg

under deck insulation

Best way to insulate a metal roof:
metal roof insulation installation.jpg


1. How to install metal roof insulation?

You can use scissors or ACTIS cutter to cut it to a certain size and fix it with staples.

2. What are the advantages of metal roof insulation roll?

Prevent 97%, shockproof, moistureproof, flame retardant, safe to use

Very high tear resistance.