Recommended attic insulation - attic stair door cover

- Oct 30, 2018-

Recommended attic insulation 

About attic stair cover

We should make sure that your house have enough amount of insulation material in your attic,which is the best money that you can spend to save energy bills. But one of the areas of the attic that is so often neglected is this space right here. the attic stair can be one of the greatest sources of air leakage, which is an area that can lose a lot of energy because you only have about a quarter-inch piece of plywood that’s separating the hot attic from the nice, conditioned space you have downstairs.



There have a lot of different types of attic insulation options,here we have one Recommended attic insulation - attic stair door cover. Landy manufacturer the attic stair cover helps weatherizing your home. It slows air transfer from your attic to your home, and stops insulation from falling into your home when the attic is accessed.



Advantage of attic stair cover

1. Easy access to your attic with a zipper.

2.using this attic cover you can feel immediate energy savings

3.Provides an R-Value of 14.5.

4.Easy to install by yourself so it is saving attic insulation replacement cost and attic insulation labor removal cost




matchAttic cover side

25" x 54" x 11"

openings up to



Silver aluminum

Item Weight

1.2 pounds

Custom size




Application of attic stair cover