Reflective insulation vs fiberglass

- Sep 27, 2018-

Reflective insulation vs fiberglass

There have many insulation options for your building,the most common types are thermal reflective insulation and fiberglass insulation,Both of them can Keep our living areas at a comfortable temperature.So which is the best? Fiberglass have pool thermal conductivity so it can effectively block the heat transfer.In addition, Reflective insulation effect by its thermal radiation properties. Those tow material Both have their merits,now lets identify the best between silver reflective insulation vs fiberglass.


Different in installing

Fiberglass insulation should be installed between the framing studs like the rafter. The reflective insulation can not only installed indoor but also can be placed over the outdoor roofing.




Compare with fiberglass insulation, reflective insulation roll does not cause itching or irritation of the skin upon contact.So fiberglass insulation will costs more in installation cause its require profession protective equipment to avoid direct contact with the tiny glass particles. In the other hand, reflective insulation has been made in roll shape so you can just simply roll out the material and staple it in the fixed place without Complex safeguards.




Reflective foil vs. fiberglass insulation Efficiency 

R value is a value to measure how effectively of a insulation material absorbs heatHowever, reflective insulation doesn't absorb heat and isn't given an R-value for comparison. Radiant barrier is one of the type of reflective insulation,it can provide as much as 10% in savings compared to fiberglass insulation.


Heat Reflective insulation vs fiberglass Application area

Some study found that the fiberglass insulation works better in cold climates areas,while the reflective roll insulation works best in areas with high sunlight and little cool weather. Whats more,the same study found the roof reflective insulation to under perform fiberglass rolls in a Mediterranean climate.