Reusable Heavy Duty Pallet Wrap Cover

Reusable Heavy Duty Pallet Wrap Cover

Aug 26, 2020

Reusable heavy duty pallet wrap cover

Heavy duty pallet wrap is a durable and eco friendly solution to protect pallet goods. The pallet wrap is ideal for protecting pallet goos.The heavy duty pallet wrap  is easier to install, saving time and money. They are ideal for moving products in dock areas or from one side of a warehouse to the other. These pallet wrappers have transparent vinyl windows that can be used to hold tickets.
The pallet hook and loop strap logistics strapping is fixed by hook loops and ventilated mesh cloth, which can perfectly replace the traditional film. Its advantage is that the operation only needs to circle the pallet in a circle, while the pallet wrap film needs to be wrapped around the pallet several times. A waste of time and money. Reusable pallet cover can be used repeatedly. Compared with disposable pallet strap film products, the cost in the cost is greatly reduced.

Advantages of Landy heavy duty pallet wrap:

* Better protect the tray carton.

* Heavy-duty weather-resistant net ventilation to reduce food spoilage.

* Improve worker safety and machine time.

* The service life of packaging materials is longer.
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