Reusable Pallet Wrap From Guanghzhou

Reusable Pallet Wrap From Guanghzhou

Jan 27, 2020

Reusable Pallet Wrap From Guanghzhou
reusable pallet wrap
Reusable pallet wrap can replace stretch wraps or belts. They can be used to help ensure that the cargo on the pallet is safe. Reusable pallet wrap are easier, faster to install and remove, saving time and money. Pallet cover are ideal tools for moving products in the dock area or from one side of the warehouse to the other.

We offer standard UK pallet size and European pallets size  . We offer customer-specific height options to provide maximum flexibility based on your reusable palllet wrap application.

Reusable Pallet Wrap Key benefits:

●Eco-friendly packaging

●Reduced use of stretch film and shrink wrap

●Reduce protective packaging waste management costs

●Save time packing and unpacking trays

●Easy to pack and remove

●Heavy weathering grid

●Ventilation to reduce food spoilage

●Suitable-40 ° F to 180 ° F

●Reduce material costs over time

●Provide better ergonomics for employees