seal thermal envelope solutions

seal thermal envelope solutions

Aug 31, 2020

LANDY seal thermal envelope is designed to protect small temperature-sensitive payloads during transportation. It can be used as an independent shipper or inserted into a UPS, USPS or FEDX box.

Stock sizes are 6"x6", 12"x16" and 20"x15", and are equipped with self-seal double-sided tape.
seal thermal envelope LANDY Thermal Envelope Features:

1. LANDY Thermal Envelope has extra protection-5/8 inch foil laminated metalized foam pad with self-sealing adhesive strip.

2. Aluminum foil film acts as a barrier for conduction, convection and radiant heat transfer (the foil reflects 97% of radiant heat).

3.LANDY Thermal Envelope Made of  reusable foil.

4. Aluminum foil bubble paper bags are also very suitable for overnight packaging.

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