silver bubble wrap insulation r value

silver bubble wrap insulation r value

Aug 31, 2020

silver foil bubble wrap insulation

Silver bubble wrap is made of aluminum foil film material, non-toxic, anti-radiation, flame retardant. The single layer of bubbles wrapped in silver bubble wrap insulation helps to trap the air, thereby forming a thicker insulation layer to prevent heat loss.

Silver backed bubble wrap insulation advantages:

Keep cool-prevents most radiant heat transfer and helps keep your house cool in summer and cool in winter;

Save energy-save energy by reducing the pressure on the heating and cooling system, which can greatly reduce utility bills

Different places-very suitable as a loft insulation material, used in loft floors, lofts, storage sheds, pole sheds, metal buildings and as house packaging;
silver bubble wrap insulation R value

LANDY silver bubble wrap insulation r value
1. High-quality reflective insulation made in the U.S.

2. Rugged and durable, seven-layer structure

3. Not affected by moisture and humidity

4. Radiation and vapor barrier-all in one

5. Class 1 / Class A fire protection