thermal envelope energy saving solutions

thermal envelope energy saving solutions

Sep 07, 2020

LANDY Thermal envelope is a customized nylon barrier cold-chain pouch with excellent thermal insulation properties. The aluminum film material reflects 97% of the heat and cuts the heat of the inner layer of the bubble, making it an ideal temperature shielding packing bag, which provides thermal protection for storing and transporting specimens at high temperatures. These self-seal thermal mailer bags are fully sealable, allowing you to reduce the size of the bag to the size of the packaged item, thereby avoiding excess space, thereby improving thermal performance and reducing shipping costs. These insulated thermal mailers work better when combined with ice packs. LANDY can customize these Mailer bag solutions to suit your application.

thermal mailers for shippingBenefits of LANDY thermal mailers for shipping:

1. The aluminum film reflects 97% of the heat

2. Bubble wrap provides additional protection

3. Fully sealed tamper-proof mail

4. Thin, flexible, light weight and easy to transport

5. Easy to use and cost effective

6. Ideal for short-term transportation

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thermal bubble mailers

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foam insulated mailers