thermal insulated bubble mailers packaging

thermal insulated bubble mailers packaging

Aug 17, 2020

The insulated mailer packaging aims to keep the temperature constant during transportation. Thermal insulated mailers are usually used for 1-2 days of mailing or packaging perishable food and medicine. The insulated mailer bag can be used with or without a cooling bag inside.
insulated mailer bag

Insulated Mailer Envelope Advantage:

Can be customized size and printing;

Light weight and save freight;


The label is firmly pasted;

Resistant to tearing and waterproof;

Bubble lining provides additional protection.

MaterialMetalic Film+Bubble/EPE Foam

Includes 2 ice packs and an insulated insulated mailer liner to help keep frozen food cool during transportation. The metallic insulated mailers option is a great way to extend the time the ice stays cool!and stock size, please contact us.