Thermal Insulated Shipping Boxes Eco Friendly

Thermal Insulated Shipping Boxes Eco Friendly

Sep 23, 2020

thermal insulated shipping boxes eco friendly

LANDY insulated shipping box provides excellent protection for your shipping products! A wonderful way to transport refrigerated or frozen products, this thermal insulated shipping boxes with shipping boxes are the perfect solution to keep fresh refrigerated food during transportation and can be used to ensure reliable delivery of medicines, meat, chocolate and others Temperature-sensitive products are very suitable for restaurants, bakeries, farmers markets, catering and retail stores.

Item Namethermal insulated shipping boxes 
MaterialCorrugated cardboard + reflective aluminum film
Thermal Time24-72H
AplicationFrozen food, medicine, fruits and vegetables, chocolate, milk, ice cream

insulated boxes for shipping chocolate.jpg

insulated boxes for shipping chocolate

insulated box for ice cream.jpg

insulated box for ice cream

The insulated box packaging scheme is used to transport refrigerated food, such as meat, fish and ready-to-eat food.

1. Make sure to keep the temperature between 0-8°C for up to 48 hours.

2. Packing includes; double-layer cardboard box, inner insulation foil bubble bag and gel ice bag

The waterproof aluminum foil bubble bag prevents leakage and provides shock resistance.

3. The reusable gel ice pack ensures that the food is kept at the best temperature.

4. The flat packaging is convenient for storage and assembly.

Company Profile
Landy insulated box

1. What is the thermal time of your insulated shipping box?
24-72H are available
2. Can the size of the thermal box be customized?
Size and printed can be customized.