wall insulation Let you have a warm winter

- Aug 01, 2017-

Cold weather, the problem is always around how to warm, how to keep warm, in addition to household products, and now even the wall has become the object of the warmth of everyone asked. Although this should be more and the construction company, but congenitally lacks the day after tomorrow, want to strengthen the housing warmth, whether there are available materials? After asking some of the views of the insiders, we found several insulation materials, so you have a warm winter.

Paste is also known as polystyrene foam sheet, foam board, EPS board, is made of volatile liquid blowing agent containing polystyrene beads, heated by the preheating in the mold after the formation of white objects, It is mainly used in building wall, roof insulation, composite board insulation, cold storage, air conditioning, vehicle, ship insulation, floor heating, decorative carving and other uses are very extensive. It is suitable for use in the interior wall of a kind of insulation material.

Benzene board price is very cheap, but also more convenient for wall insulation, but the installation of the wall after the need to do follow-up treatment, such as smear putty batch wall, coupled with their own relatively thick sheet, will occupy a certain indoor space. And the benzene board is an organic material, will release a certain amount of volatile organic compounds, but the release of small, ventilation will not cause indoor environmental pollution.

At first glance the name of good chemistry, not the industry people certainly Zhang two monks puzzled. If I tell you that the polyurethane foam is divided into hard foam and soft foam, soft foam is the most familiar sponge, you must suddenly realized. Polyurethane foaming is based on isocyanate and polyether as the main raw material, in the foaming agent, catalyst, flame retardants and other additives under the effect of mixing through special equipment, high-pressure spray from the field of foam polymer , As we installed the windows when the workers will see the expansion of the bubble.

With polyurethane foam and warm the wall, like in the wall to install a layer of thick sponge, can play a certain role in the warmth. This warm way we have in Japan, "Almighty King" program common in the Japanese often use this way to carry out wall insulation treatment.

Wall insulation do not use the general family, if it is a very cold people, the editor recommended the installation of heating equipment, heating is the next and the warmth, the elderly often said, warm from the foot from the foot. To warm air conditioning than to warm a lot of comfort. If the indoor level is limited, you can also install the wall radiator heating.