what is radiant barrier insulation?

- Aug 17, 2018-

 What is Radiant Barrier insulation?

Today we gonna talk about what is a radiant barrier and why is it important? Radiant barrier also called heat reflective insulation or foil insulation. radiant barrier is a thin reflective material which use to reflect thermal radiation from transferring heat.  When the summer come the sun beats down on your roof decking so the inner temperature will rise. 

But if you install These radiant barriers in the roof or attic of your house, they will y keep your home from absorbing the heat from the sun and hotter temperatures of the hot weather. So, your living place will keep cooler during summer even without constantly opening the air conditioner.This will also make your home more energy efficient and help to reduce your energy bill.

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What is radiant barrier made of ?

Typically kind of Radiant barrier are made of aluminum foil, some made of a thin layer of woven polyethylene with two layers of metallic aluminum coating. radiant barrier can is highly reflective material to blocks the transfer of radiant heat.

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Application of radiant barrier

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what is radiant barrier roof decking

what is a radiant barrier for an attic