What is the Best under timber sub floor insulation products

- Aug 20, 2018-

What is the Best under timber sub floor insulation products

When winter come,The Cold floor is a major problem for our house, draining heat, energy and leaving homes freezing cold  during the winter time, But don’t worry, Landy will helps to solving this problem by fitting  insulation product under timber sub floor.

EPE Foam Timber sub floor insulation material:

EPE Foam foil backed insulation sheet helps to thermally insulate a house by reflecting heat. It including vapor barrier layer aluminium can prevents moisture damage such as DE-bonding,blistering, cupping and bowing of the floor.The EPE foam protection which increase the service life of the subfloor.

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Aluminum foil floor insulation material:

Landy Aluminum foil insulation roll is also a good choose for under timber floors if you have access to crawl space. Using the aluminium foil insulation material to stop the cold air rising into your house from under Timber or Concrete Floor.

If you have access to the crawl space or the home below you can install the foil insulation roll under the floor Joists. This dont need to removing the Carpet and provides an even higher level of floor Insulation.

Because the aluminum insulation is very thin so the height of the carpet is not a problem and the floor is more comfortable under your feet.

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Bubble foil floor insulation material:

The bubble Insulation roll is made up of two layers of reflective aluminum foil with PE bubble between the aluminum to prevent cold bridging, Which acts as a reflective barrier against damp from the cold space below and downward heat loss is prevented from leaving the home. 

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