What is the best way for flat roof insulation? How to insulate a flat roof?

- May 10, 2018-

 What is the best way for flat roof insulation? How to insulate a flat roof?

After whole day of solar radiation on the roof, the top floor indoor temperature is particularly high. As a result, many people want figure out a good way to insulate the roof. So, what are the best methods of roofing insulation?how much flat roof insulation?According to the flat roof construction and building regulations insulation for flat roofs,here are some advice about how to choose a better roof insulation for flat roof.

The method of flat roof insulation

1.laying roof insulation layer.

1.1.Installing the insulation layer on the roof surface can effectively prevent the UV sunray.One of the most simple and effective method should be spread the flat roof with 15 cm insulation soil. Besides,the thermal insulation material which commonly used is the heat insulation bricks, brush thermal insulation paint,paste the reflective foil and so on.

1.2.Laying Ceiling insulation for flat roof

Roof heat insulation not only in need on the roof top but also need under the roof. The thermal insulation roll can be installed under the roof,in other word you can add some insulation sheet or insulation foam on the ceiling.

laying the insulation on the roof surface or under the ceiling can use below material:

Heat reflective paint for flat roof 

waterproof Foam flat roof insulation

Thin Bubble insulation for flat roofs

Extruded polystyrene foam insulation board

Rockwool insulation


2.To build awning on your top floor.

The function of the awning is to put a sun-shade on your roof.The advantage of building a awning is makes a great use of space.this is the best insulation way for saving roof space.you can drink a coffee siting on your flat roof and move freely whenever you want.but it will also affect the day-lighting.

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3.planting on your roof Planting is also a good way of roof insulation.you can build simple shelves that to grow some liana or grapevine.you can also using the foam boxes to plant some vegetables and fruits.those vegetation will works like a heat insulation shield.

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4.Roof insulation by water

In the case of high load-bearing capacity of your house, a swimming pool can be built on the top roof floor. But If the conditions do not allow it, you can pour some water into the top roof floor to reduce the temperature. Make sure the roof is waterproof at the same time.

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