What kind of insulation for ceiling?what home ceiling insulation is best?

- Sep 27, 2018-

What kind of insulation for ceiling?what home ceiling insulation is best?

Why should we Install house Ceiling Insulation materials?

1.Insulated the house can not only Keep our living place cool in the summer but also keep warm in the winter. Install Ceiling Insulation can make a difference in temperature. In fact, our home become happier as life becomes less stressful as well as the work place  become more productive.

2. In order to save energy you should have correct roof insulation and ceiling insulation on your house. Many people are on a quest to shorten energy bill. Most of us would agree that one of the best reasons to install insulation over and above the cost and energy savings is a comfortable home or office space.

3. Ceiling Insulation can also absorbs sound.




What kind of insulation for ceiling ?


There are so many question like”which ceiling insulation is best?” and “what's the best ceiling insulation?”



1.Loose Fill foam Ceiling Insulation is made from recycled foam or polystyrene pellets. Blown into attic or ceiling filling gaps in and around protruding objects loose fill installs quickly. But the cons of Loose Fill foam Ceiling Insulation that settles fast. Another cons of it is that not suitable under wind,because of the ceiling damage if you have a roof leak as these products tend to absorb water.


2.Rigid Polystyrene Board Ceiling Insulation

Rigid foam board insulation are lightweight and can be cut to custom size for use anywhere in the house, not just the ceiling part,which has excellent insulation properties and is useful for small insulation jobs. Rigid foam board insulation is a relatively affordable ceiling insulation type.


4.  Reflective foil ceiling insulation

Aluminium foil insulation is based on the radiant barrier system. The aluminium layer  designed to block heat transfer across spaces,Which kinda like a barrier that stops the warm air from leaking outside or keep it cooler during the summer by preventing the heat entering your house through the ceiling.

Hanging insulation in ceiling

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