What type of roof insulation is best? Which roof insulation material is the best

- May 10, 2018-

What type of roof insulation is best? Which roof insulation material is the best?


what type of roof insulation is best?

The burning hot summer is coming soon.The people living in the top floor should be the one who most afraid of the hot summer day cause the top floor just like a “stove”. Many people can't stand such a high temperature if don't take some heat insulation measures on their roof. Maybe you will wondering“what kind of insulation do i need for my house roof?”,“Which is the best roof insulation material?”. Let’s analysis which roof insulation method is the best for your roofing?

1. Planting on your roof as a heat shied.

2.To build awning on your top floor to save the space.

3.Pour some water on your top roof floor to reduce the temperate.

4.Installing the insulation layer to prevent UV and high temperature.

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The heat insulation measures above is the most common method.Let’s see which roof insulation material is more suitable for your home.


Which roof insulation material is the best?

1.Bubble foil roof insulation materials

Relatively speaking, Bubble foil roll is one of the thin roof insulation materials.the reflective foil insulation roll are very light so that it is easy to installing.

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2.Foam roof insulation products

2.1.Waterproof Polyethylene foam roll insulation (XPE foam insulation)

Aluminium XPE foam roll is one of the most commonly reflective roof insulation material.The Pure aluminium on the surface has the effect of fire retardant,so it is not only heat resistant but also fire retardant insulation foam.

 thin roof insulation materials.jpg

thin roof insulation materials.jpg

2.2.Rockwool insulation

This fireproof insulation rockwool have fire-resistant function and  hygroscopic function at the same time.But compared with other foam insulation materials, the insulation effect is actually modest, the heat thermal conductivity is about 0.041-0.045.

 foam roof insulation,rockwool insulation.jpg

foam roof insulation,rockwool insulation.jpg

2.3.Polyurethane foam material

The polyurethane foam has good insulation effect and good water resistance feature. Of course, the Polyurethane foam insulation price is relatively expensive.And the Installation requires more preparation.

Those foam insulation thermal conductivity is about 0.025 to 0.028.

 Polyurethane foam material.jpg

2.4.Extruded polystyrene foam insulation board

Expanded polystyrene foam board also called XPS insulation board.This kind of foam insulation thermal conductivity is about 0.028-0.03.It is  resistant to both heat and moisture with better insulation performance.But its price is more expensive than other insulation.

 .Extruded polystyrene foam insulatio.jpg


2.5.Perlite insulation.

The last insulation material is perlite, etc. It has high temperature resistance, high water absorption, and low temperature resistance. The heat coefficient is about 0.07-0.09.

2.6. Insulation expanding foam board

This material also called EPS foam insulation,has the same good thermal insulation properties as the plastic polystyrene board. but the price is relatively cheaper, the heat thermal conductivity is about 0.038-0.041.

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There are a lot of methods and materials to heat insulating your house roof.each material has its own characteristic and different effect.You can choose suitable thermal insulation products according to your house structure and your budget.Finally, welcome to send a message to consult us, we will give you the advice for free.