Which attic insulation is better

Which attic insulation is better

Mar 05, 2020

Which attic insulation is better?
Choosing the right attic insulation for your home can save you energy bills during the summer. The attic stays cool in the hot summers and stays warm as temperatures drop, keeping your home comfortable.

Common forms of attic insulation are:

Reflective insulation includes bubble insulation, XPE / EPE insulation, and radiation barrier. The aluminum foil thermal insulation consists of an aluminum film surface and a thermal insulation lining. Similar to other forms of insulation, reflective insulation helps reduce energy costs by preventing heat from escaping from the attic and living space.

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Five advantages of attic reflective insulation;

1. Landy reflective insulation blocks 97% of radiant heat and provides excellent thermal performance.

2. Thermal insulation reflects the escaped heat back into the room. In summer, it reflects the heat in your home, reducing the cost of redemption.

3. Seal the panel and stick it with aluminum tape to prevent leakage and reduce radiation loss.

4. The heat used to keep warm air in winter and the heat used to keep solar radiation in summer.

5. Better control of heating, air conditioning and humidity.

Bubble Insulation:
EPE Aluminum Insulation:
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Radiant Barrier: