Which is your best aluminum foil insulation

Which is your best aluminum foil insulation

Aug 02, 2020

Aluminum Foil Bubble Wrap Insulation

Aluminum bubble wrap insulation is our most popular bubble insulation, used in metal buildings, pole sheds, basements, creeping spaces and many other places that require thermal insulation. Aluminum foil bubble wrap insulation has double layers of polyethylene bubbles, which can serve as an additional thermal barrier.

Bubble wrap aluminum foil is an environmentally friendly thermal insulation material. Compared with traditional thermal insulation materials, its reflectivity is as high as 97%. It can reduce the discomfort caused by glass fiber or expanded foam and harm to the environment.

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Bubble Insulation

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Insulation Material Packaging

After the aluminum bubble wrap insulation is installed correctly, it can prevent the heat from moving, thereby closing the building. bubble wrap aluminum foil is suitable for any surface type.