Why choose Landy Box Liner

Why choose Landy Box Liner

Aug 03, 2020

The insulated box liner provides the ultimate protection for the transport of temperature-sensitive products. Reflector box insulation is a metalized, shiny material that prevents heat from entering the product and ensures that the product stays fresh when it reaches destination as planned. Areas that benefit include pharmaceuticals, cheese, seafood, meat, chocolate, flowers, and more.
insulated box liner

Cold box liner features:
1. External reflective insulation – insulated from outside temperature.

2. Internal Foam Insulation-Foam has millions of very good insulating air pockets.

3. Excellent protection-Ideal for perishable and temperature sensitive items during transport.

4. Lightweight-reduces transportation costs.

5. Lightweight and flexible – they take up very little storage space in your warehouse.

cold box liner