Why foil faced bubble wrap insulation

Why foil faced bubble wrap insulation

Sep 04, 2020

Why foil faced bubble wrap insulation

LANDY Bubble wrap aluminum foil can reflect heat back into the room, thereby reducing heat loss by up to 50%. It can be used alone or with other insulating materials. foil backed bubble wrap insulation The aluminum foil layer reflects heat and prevents it from escaping the building. Thinner than traditional insulating materials, making it suitable for walls, floors or ceilings. Cost-effective. The unique composition of the product effectively handles various forms of energy transfer.
1. The foil faced bubble wrap insulation is composed of two layers of 97% reflective film, glued on two layers of polyethylene foam.

2. The large-caliber polyethylene bubble inside provides excellent strength and easy handling.

3. There are standard edge or staple edge configuration.

4. Easy to operate and install-no soiling, no fiber itching. Only tools required: stapler, utility knife, tape measure and safety glasses

foil faced bubble wrap.jpg

aluminum foil bubble wrap insulation

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bubble wrap window insulation

Roll of Insulation Price:

A roll of insulation costs about $0.80 to $1.00 per square foot. The price fluctuates depending on the brand, material, thickness and R-value of the insulation.绝缘卷价格

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