Wood Floor insulation installation do yourself

- Aug 20, 2018-

Floor insulation installation do yourself

Underfloor insulation for wooden floors

Landy aluminum floor insulation material can stop the cold air rising into your house from under Timber or Concrete Floor. In order to save installation cost, you can finish it by DIY. If you have a staple gun, you can follow the step below, we will tell you how to staple the insulation material under hardwood floors in the proper place.

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What tools do you need to install the floor insulation for wooden floors




4.Foil Tape measure

How to install under suspended wooden floor insulation

Step 1. Install roll out foil hardwe joist. The edge of the aluminum foil should sit just below the top of the wooden joist. Then tighten the aluminum foil across the gap and staple the other side the same way.cut off any excess with scissors  When you install in a narrow gap.

Step 2. Install pleated foil floor insulationood floor insulation

Place the insulation sheet along the gap between two wood joists and cut it to length. Then staple it all the way along the face of on

It is easier to install under a pre-existing floor. Just simply open the pleats out and staple each piece into the wooden joists.Then install the next piece with a 100mm overlap.remember to keep the foil as close to the top of the wood joist as possible. Because it’s expandable, there’s no need to trim it when installing across a narrow gap.

Wooden floor insulation options --- Best underfloor insulation wooden floor

EPE Foam Timber sub floor insulation material

Aluminum foil floor insulation material

Bubble foil floor insulation material

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