xpe foam foil insulation factory

xpe foam foil insulation factory

Sep 10, 2020

xpe foam foil insulation manufacturer
Aluminum foil xpe foam insulation does not absorb heat, they prevent the radiation flow. Installing reflective aluminum foil between the heat source (sun) and the existing insulation material will increase the efficiency of the R-rated insulation material. Most aluminum foil xpe foams have an emissivity of 0.05 or below, which means that 95% of the radiant heat is blocked.
Xpe insulation is composed of multiple layers of barrier materials such as AL / PET / XPE / PET / AL (H: 2.5MM). xpe foam insulation is an environmentally friendly product with good thermal and thermal insulation properties. The outer layer of PET has excellent abrasion resistance and tear resistance. The middle layer of AL / XPE shows strong moisture and oxygen resistance, and the ability to reduce and isolate sound. AL and XPE layers also have the ability to reflect light and heat and prevent the penetration of ultraviolet radiationxpe foam safety.jpg

MaterialAlu+XLPE Foam+Alu
SizeCustomized coil / sheet size
UsageHVAC,Shopping Centres,Pharmaceuticals
Operating Temperature-40℃ to 150℃

Aluminum foil xpe foam features:

1. R value can reach 7.9, different R values ??in different heat flow directions

2. Both sides of pure aluminum foil (99.4%) can reflect 97% of the radiation, only allowed

3. Continuous air chamber can slow down heat transfer and prevent heat convection

4. The material can not burn by itself, does not support burning, fire resistance level: A level

5. Will not absorb water, not affected by humidity and humidity.

6. Easy to cut (knife), easy to fix (paste, staple), do it yourself

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aluminum foil xpe foam

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xpe foam safety

tpu vs xpe foam.jpgxpe foam roll

xpe foam factory:


1.Where to buy insulation roll?

Landy is an 20 years of professional xpe foam factory. Landy has 10 automatic production lines.

2.Is xpe foam safe?

3. Are all products tested before delivery?

Yes, we have conducted 100% inspection before shipment