xpe foam sheet raw material density

xpe foam sheet raw material density

Sep 17, 2020

xpe foam sheet raw material density
Xpe foam matereial is made of low-density polyethylene resin, cross-linking agent and foaming agent through high temperature continuous foaming, high tensile strength, fine pores, colorless, odorless, and non-volatile.
XPE foam is a kind of polymer material with good and independent closed cells, with a smooth surface and good elasticity. It also has high mechanical strength and good heat insulation, good water resistance, and good aging resistance. , High temperature resistance, chemical resistance and different environments. XPE foam can be processed, both simple and complex foam, or can be coagulated with other materials.
xpe foam roll

LANDY xpe foam sheet Main function

1. Good waterproof and moisture-proof performance;

2. Good shock absorption and cushioning performance

3. Good heat insulation performance

4. Good sound insulation performance;

5. Good weather resistance, aging resistance and corrosion resistance;

6. XPE is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic and lightweight material.