Bubble Foil Barn Roof Insulation


Bubble foil barn roof insulation

Isolating a barn roof is very similar to isolating any other type of building. Depending on the type of barn, your requirements may vary. When cold weather comes, we are reluctant to pay increased energy bills. In order to resist the brutal cold and prevent losses, we can take the following low-cost bubble foil to effectively isolate the barn

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Size: W 1.2m, L as Custom

Thicness: 6mm

Fire-proof: Class B1

Thermal Reflectivity: 97%

Thermal Conductivity: 0.03W/mk

Material: Aluminum+Bubble wrap+ Aluminum

Certificate: ISO GB ASTM ROHS

Temperature Resisitance: -40~100℃

Our Foil Insulaiton Advatage:
▼ Landy Bubble Foil insulation is an economical option with 96% reflectivity.
▼ The product can withstand temperature changes from -40oC to + 80oC.

▼ Polyethylene bubbles provide an additional thermal barrier to prevent heat transfer.▼ We will customize the energy-saving insulation solution for you free of charge according to your garage type

Barn roof insulation install:

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Barn roof insulation 2018

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Barn roof insulation 2019

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1.How to install bubble foil insulation in barn roof?

Measure the area of the barn roof first, and then purchase the appropriate bubble insulation. Measure and use a utility knife to cut the insulation to the required size, and use a nail gun or glue to fix the material to the roof inner frame at a certain distance

2.What's reflectivity of your bubble foil insulation?


3.May I have multilayer bubble wrap film insulation?

Yes, inform your needs and we will provide you with the most suitable product solution

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