Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam Insulation

Closed cell polyethylene foam has a wide range of uses, making it an ideal product for many projects.


Closed cell polyethylene foam insulation
Polyethylene foam is formed by heating a polymer compound, and can receive its formulation additives to change its properties before being heated and extruded into a solid state. The material also has a variety of shapes and sizes, has a certain degree of rigidity, and can maintain the shape when cut into thicker sections. The main uses of polyethylene foam are shock-absorbing packaging, thermal insulation, floating materials, electrical insulation materials, wood substitutes, and sealing gaskets.

Materialspolyethylene foam
Item No.FOAM 8025
SizeCustom Size
ColorBlack, White, Grey

Features of closed cell polyethylene foam insulation sheet:

1. Abrasion resistance and high impact resistance;

2. The impact strength is a high value among the existing plastics, even at -70℃, there is still a high impact strength;

3. Very good self-lubrication;

4. Very low water absorption;

5. Chemically stable, resistant to various corrosions such as acid, alkali, and salt within a certain temperature and concentration range.

closed cell insulation

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