Concrete Flat Roof Insulation Foil Roll


Concrete flat roof insulation foil roll

concrete flat roof insulation Just like its name, our foil insulation roll is specifically designed for installation on concrete slabs.With reflective metal film and bubble / foam layer

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Material Structure: Aluminum+XPE/EPE Foam+Aluminum

Size: Custom Roll/Sheets Size

Thicness: 5-15mm

GSM: 130-230 g/㎡

Thermal Reflectivity: 97%

Thermal Conductivity: 0.03W/mk

Certificate: ISO GB ASTM ROHS

Benefits of using concrete flat roof insulation 
▼Thermal insulation is quite cheap. It is placed above the topmost ceiling.

▼About 30% of the heat lost to the building is on the roof. With an efficient insulation system installed correctly, you can save energy and money.

▼Studies have shown that effective thermal insulation measures can reduce CO 2 emissions and thus help eliminate air pollution.

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concrete insulation

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flat roof insulation

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insulation foil roll

roof insulation production

1. Should aluminum foil insulation be installed on the inside or outside of the concrete roof?

Insulation material is placed on top of the roof, rather than in-between the ceiling and the decking.

2. What is the price of flat roof insulation foil roll?

Price depends on insulation material and size

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