Disposable Aluminium Thermal Heat Bags

Landy disposable aluminium thermal heat bags are high-performance, one-time-use thermal insulation delivery bags that do not require reverse logistics and can help you safely deliver hot and cold goods to customers.


disposable aluminium thermal heat bags

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Heat is the main reason for the decline in the quality of many products. Thermal Heat Bags is a metalized, shiny material that prevents heat from entering your product and ensures that the product remains fresh when it reaches its destination as planned.

Temperature resistance:-70oC/100oC
Material:Alu/PE+Bubble wrap/EPE Foam+Alu/PE
Puncture Strength:23N
Box Printed:Customized

Our aluminum thermal bag can be made into any customized size according to your exact requirements, and we do not need any additional cost. Contact to discuss your requirements. The bag is very durable and cheap. These thermal heat bags are the ideal solution for keeping hot and cold food for hours, whether it's seafood, fruits, drinks, milk, sandwiches, pizza, salads

Or something.

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thermal heat bag for meat

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aluminium thermal bag custom size

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aluminum heated thermal bag

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1. What makes Landy aluminum foil bag more advantageous?

Aluminum foil bag can instantly turn any refrigerated box into a custom-sized, temperature-controlled package that can quickly load temperature-sensitive goods and refrigerant products, such as refrigerant gel packs or dry ice.

2. How long do disposable thermal bags keep food cold

Disposable thermal bag can keep the temperature for 24-72 hours

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