Garage Aluminium Roof Insulation


Insulate your garage walls, ceilings, and garage doors. It forms a fourth wall. The insulation layer will help you save energy, maintain temperature and further noise. Introducing formaldehyde-free, environmentally friendly aluminum foil garage insulation coil products

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Material:  Alu+Bubble+XPE+Bubble+Alu

Thicness:  8mm

Thermal Reflectivity:  95%

Water Vapor Transmission Rate: ≤1.00 g/m2/day

Tensile Strength:  1.2x103kPa

Emissivity:  €0.05

Certificate:  ISO GB ASTM ROHS

Advantages of Landy Aluminum Foil Garage Insulation:
▼ Effectively adjust the temperature inside the garage to keep it dry and comfortable
Durable, fire-resistant aluminum foil material has a long service life and will not fall off after installation

▼ We can customize garage insulation sheets of different materials and sizes according to customer needs
 We will customize the energy-saving insulation solution for you free of charge according to your garage type
 Guide you to quickly and accurately install garage insulation

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EPE Foam Insulation

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Thermal insulation sheet

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Garage Roof Insualtion

Landy Insulation Manufacture:

1. How to install garage roof aluminum  insulation?

Unroll the aluminum insulation between the wall studs with the vapor barrier facing the inside of the garage. Use a staple gun to set 1/2-inch staples every 2 feet along the edge of the insulation into the studs.

2. How much aluminum insulation do I need for my garage?

Garage insulation costs vary based on the size of the space and the insulation you purchase.Aluminum foil insulation is one of the most affordable and efficient garage insulation materials

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