Heavy Duty Pallet Strap Recycling Xl


Heavy duty pallet strap recycling xl

Heavy duty pallet strap is an environmentally friendly reusable alternative. The angular belt of pallet strap recycling provides additional movement safety and can ensure the safety of the entire load. Landy heavy duty pallet strap tray cover is easier to install, saving time and money.

MaterialHeavy Duty Mesh Material, Velcro
SizeStandard pallet size or customized
ColorGreen, Blue, Black, Grey
ISO9001, NFPA-701
ApplicationReplace traditional pallet film

The advantages of heavy duty pallet strap:

* Reduce the use of stretch film and shrink packaging.

* Easy to wrap, only 1 person can easily disassemble.

* Heavy weathering net.

* Reduce material costs over time.

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heavy duty pallet strapping.jpg

The certification of heavy duty palet wrap:

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1. Can the size be customized?

Custom sizes are available on request.

2. how to use pallet strap tensioner?

Contact us for free allet strap installation instructions.


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