Heat Insulated Shipping Box Liner


Heat insulated shipping box liner

The insulated box liner provides the ultimate protection for the transport of temperature-sensitive products. Reflector box insulation is a metalized, shiny material that prevents heat from entering the product and ensures that the product stays fresh when it reaches destination as planned. Areas that benefit include pharmaceuticals, cheese, seafood, meat, chocolate, flowers, and more.

MaterialAluminum Foil+Bubble Lining/EPE
SizeCustomize or Standard Size
TypesReusale Use Box Liner/Single Use Box Linerq
ClousureWith Self-seal/No Self-seal

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Why choose Landy Box Liner? 

1. The insulated box liner is our feature production line, which can provide effective thermal protection for refrigerated or frozen goods for 24-72 hours.
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2.  The silver  box liner series consists of different layers, different thicknesses, and different characteristics. Each material has different thermal resistance. Its light reflecting surface can resist heat flow, and it can also be used as a moisture and vapor barrier.
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3. Thermal box liner can be folded into a thin sheet, small in size and light in weight, which can help you save storage costs.
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4. Free to provide any custom size.
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About Landy Company:  

As a manufacturer of insulated packaging products with a history of 20 years, Landy has been committed to providing customers with quality services.

6 automatic production lines

50+ quality certification

100 employees

1000+ industry experience

40,000㎡ factory area 



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