Insulated Thermal Envelope Xl


insulated thermal envelope xl

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Our insulated mailer xl has the highest quality and integrity. Thermal mailer xl is an excellent shipping container for various meats, poultry, agricultural products, fresh herbs, frozen prepared foods, dairy products, pastries, delicious chocolates, dinners, sweets and laboratory testing applications.

Material:  aluminum foil + Bubble/EPE foam
Size:  can be customized
Thickness:  1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm ...
Color:  silver, can be customized
Logo printing:  printing or stickers
Usage:  lunch, milk, fruit, meat, pizza, seafood, snacks, cakes, etc.

Features  of insulated envelope xl:

* Optional 1/2 "or 1" effective moisture and heat insulation layer

* Double self-sealing cover.

* Fiber insulation material can safely buffer and thermally protect items

* Effective and tamper-resistant mail.

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1. What size of your thermal envelope ?
insulated mailer can make xl size or customized
2. Waht is thermal mailer shipping cost?
According to the actual situation.

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