Landy Reusable Pallet Wrap


Landy Reusable Pallet Wrap

1.What is reusable pallet wrap?

Heavy-duty reusable pallet wrap is often as the best alternative to stretch film for pallet packaging.
Rrusable pallet wrap is designed to be reused thousands of times without affecting its performance. Therefore, by using the environmentally friendly and reusable packaging materials we provide, companies can reduce the waste of stretched films generated during pallet packaging and save a lot of money. An 2 'pallet pack will save at least 250 pounds of plastic stretch film waste each year.

duty pallet wrap

2.What are the advantages of duty pallet wrap?




Heavy Duty Breathable Mesh Material






L*W*H can be customized


500 PCS

* Avoid load shift caused by using stretched film.

* Reduce the cost of stretch and shrink packaging waste removal.

* The force on the load is always consistent. Ten times stronger

* Each pallet saves about 3 minutes of packaging time.

* Avoid injury when wrapping and unrolling the stretch film.

* Made from HEAVY DUTY ventilation mesh

3.What are the applications of duty reusable palet wrap?

Protects shipments of chemical/pharmaceutical/seafood/vegetable/meat or products need wrap film.

use pallet wrap

4.Product Qualification of the reusable pallet wrap


Q1:Are you a manufacturer?

Yes.We owns two factories, one 16,000-square-meter factory in Guangzhou and the other 42,000-square-meter branch factory in Yangjiang city.We have been in insulated production for more than 19years.

Q2:Can your pallet wrap custom-size?

Yes.Landy pallet wrap can custom-size,we can made the perfect size liner to fit your pallet cargo.

Q3: How can I pay you?

A1: For mass production goods, you need to pay 30% deposit before production and 70% balance upon shipment.The most common way to pay us is by T/T. Western Union is also acceptable.

6.Production pallet wrap production

7.About Landy Company


SIZE:Standard Pallet Size or Customized

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