Plastic Loop Adjustable Pallet Strap Xs


Plastic loop adjustable pallet strap xs

Adjustable pallet strap is an affordable option to protect pallet-sized cargo. The loop adjustable pallet strap has excellent load-bearing performance and is suitable for various product applications. Landy reusable pallet strap is ideal for handling products in the dock area or from one side of the warehouse to the other.

MaterialHeavy Duty Mesh Material, Velcro
SizeStandard pallet size or customized
ColorGreen, Blue, Black, Grey
ISO9001, NFPA-701
ApplicationReplace traditional pallet film

Features of Landy plastic pallet strap:

* Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

* Reduce material costs over time.

* Save time for packaging and unpacking trays.

* Suitable for -40 ° F to 180 ° F.

Reusable pallet strap material
pallet strapping

The applications of duty reusable palet wrap:

Protects shipments of chemical/pharmaceutical/seafood/vegetable/meat or products need wrap film.

use pallet wrap


1. What is pallet strapping material?

Heavy-duty ventilation net + Velcro.

2. Can i get pallet strapping guide?

Contact us for free Pallet strap installation instructions.


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