UV Resistant Bubble Pallet Cover


UV resistant bubble pallet cover

Item NameBubble Pallet Cover
MaterialAluminum Foil+Bubble+Aluminum Foil
Types5 Sides/6 Sides
SizeUS/EU Pallet Size or Cusyom

Bubble pallet cover consists of a 97% reflectance super-radiation barrier layer and a super-insulating bubble layer double-layer material. It has the advantages of puncture resistance, high strength, flexible operation, etc., and can prevent the transmission of light, ultraviolet light and odor.

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The pallet cover can be loaded with multiple temperature ranges at the same time to prevent the cargo from overheating and frost damage. In winter, the insulated pallet cover works by locking the heat to keep the temperature stable and stay above the freezing point for a long time.

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In order to maintain the stability of the goods during transportation, duty pallet wrap can be placed around pallet covers to secure the goods and lids.

duty pallet cover

A logistics company specializing in wine and beverage export encountered a problem with temperature changes and solved the problem by bubble pallet cover by Landy Packaging Co., Ltd.
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Thermal pallet cover are suitable for the storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive products such as fresh produce, frozen food, flowers, spices, milk, and medicine. The Randy tray cover has some advantages.

1. Flexible insulation structure keeps the temperature right.

2. A lightweight, foldable design.

3. It can be reused multiple times to save transportation costs.

4. Ideal for food manufacturers and distributors

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