Reusable Thermal Freezer Bag Manufacturers

The reusable thermal bag is a simple and easy-to-use thermal bag made of environmentally friendly materials that can be folded for easy transportation.


reusable thermal freezer bag manufacturers

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Thermal Freezer Bag provides ultimate protection for the transportation of temperature-sensitive products (for example, prepared meals, chocolates, flowers, groceries, medicines, etc.). When your product is in the process of delivery, Thermal bag's special air bubble can provide thermal protection and physical protection.

Temperature resistance:-70oC/100oC
Material:Alu/PE+Bubble wrap/EPE Foam+Alu/PE
Puncture Strength:23N
Box Printed:Customized

We specialize in manufacturing fully customizable reusable thermal bag sizes to meet your exact requirements without additional cost. Contact to discuss your requirements.

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reusable thermal bag

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custom thermal bag

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thermal freezer bags

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1. Can thermal freezer ba greusable?

Yes. Reusable thermal freezer bags are made of heavy duty material.

2. What are frezzer thermal bags made of?

Alu/PE+Bubble wrap/EPE Foam+Alu/PE or Custom

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