Soft Insulated Cool Liner Keep Cool

Soft Insulated Cool Liner Keep Cool

soft insulated cool liner keep cool We are thermal freezer bag manufacture, we can provide you with customizable sizes for free. Contact to discuss your customized requirements. 1. High-performance thermal freezer bag, which can effectively control the temperature for more than 24 hours. 2. The...


soft insulated cool liner keep cool

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Insulated Cool Liners are rigorously tested, and throughout the transportation process, they help to maintain the ambient temperature inside the box comfortably, thereby preventing temperature drift.

The lining of our inserted liner reflector box is a radiation shielding packaging, which is very suitable for the transportation of manufactured products that require temperature-sensitive transportation needs.

Temperature resistance:-70oC/100oC
Material:Alu/PE+Bubble wrap/EPE Foam+Alu/PE
Puncture Strength:23N
Box Printed:Customized

Keep Cool Insulated Liner:

Insulated liner is flexible, leak-proof, and will not break, crack or break

Its light reflective surface resists three types of heat flow: conduction, convection and radiation.

Can also be used as a moisture and steam barrier.

The metallized film is laminated into 3⁄16 inch bubbles, lined.

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insulated cool liner

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soft insulated liner

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soft sided cooler bag

 EPS foam box VS Insulated box liner
foil box liner


1. How long do insualted coolliner keep food cold?

Landy insulated cool liner can provide effective thermal protection for up to 72 hours of transportation time.

2. How does Insulated liner work?

Insualted cool liner can be assembled in seconds.

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