What is the difference between aluminium bubble foil insulation Vs. Fiber Glass?

- Sep 27, 2018-

Bubble insulation vs fiberglass

aluminium bubble insulation and Fiber glass insulation material are both popular for building insulation,both of them helps to improve the energy efficiency by prevent sun heat transfer. In order to keep your building at a comfortable environment all years long,You better take full advantage of the highly efficient insulation material.You should consider about the material installation requirements,the marital costs and the energy expectations when you choosing the better one for your need between aluminum bubble insulation vs fiberglass.

It works differently

Fiberglass insulation are mainly work cause its reduce convection and conduction heat but Bubble insulation work mainly cause its aluminum surface reflects heat and block up to 97% of radiant heat. Where fiberglass insulation slows the transfer of heat, the aluminum in bubble insulation actually reflects heat away.



The bubble insulation are more expensive than fiberglass.But fiberglass insulation costs more to install than bubble insulation because its installation should utilize protective cloth and gear to avoid direct contact with the tiny glass particles, otherwise might cause itching of the skin and respiratory allergy.


Fiberglass Insulation

The fiberglass marital are easy to be installed and its readily available,Which

perfect for conductive and convection heat. However, when using the fiberglass insulation you should caution because its hazards to your health if breathing in the fibers can cause serious lung damage. We know that the even though have lower cost,it is scratchy cause it  made from cheap recycled materials like glass and limestone. Whats more,fiberglass insulation not suitable for some areas where high humidity.


Bubble Insulation

Comparing with fiberglass insulation, the aluminium bubble insulation foil are even more easier and faster to place, you just need to simply roll out the lightweight aluminum bubble foil insulation then 

staple it for fixation. aluminium foil bubble insulation blocks 97% radiant heat as well as forms a vapor barrier. But aluminum bubble insulation price are more expensive than fiberglass insulation.