Aluminum Bubble Insulation Vs Fiberglass

- Apr 27, 2018-

Aluminum bubble insulation vs fiberglass

There are many kinds of insulation products which many people do not know how to compare this to be more comprehensive. In fact, we can start with the professionalism of the manufacturers, the production process of the product materials, etc. The following is a comparison of the bubble insulation materials and the glass fiber insulation cotton.

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First of all, a detailed look at the glass fiber insulation cotton (English name: glass fiber or fiberglass) is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance, a wide range, the advantages are good effect insulation, heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, mechanical High strength, but also the disadvantage is brittle and poor wear resistance.

In addition, I think the most important point is that the installation personnel need to wear professional protective clothing and put themselves tightly wrapped. Why? As we all know, fiberglass cotton will have a certain impact on the human health, for example:

1. It is mainly easy to get into the lungs and pull it on the skin to make it irritated.

2. Glass fiber is an organic matter, in general, no harm to humans, but because it is organic, containing substances harmful to humans, so pay more attention.

3. The main component of glass fiber is silica, the lungs will be "calcified", over time, people's lungs will be a problem! It is recommended to pay attention to dust, wear masks in the glass fiber raw materials factory. If you have conditions, go to hospital for regular lung washing. Otherwise it will bring great harm to the human body.

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Then let's look at Landy's bubble insulation products

Foil bubble warp insulation advantages:

The materials is light and thin, easy to install, low in price, non-toxic, odorless, non-falling dust, flame retardant, no release of harmful substances after combustion, good flexibility, waterproof, moisture, and acid and alkali resistance. In addition, there are the following points for more detailed reference:

1. Strong professional

Landy® specializing in the production of heat insulation materials with 18 years of experience, more than 30,000 square meters of standardized factory buildings, six microcomputer automatic production lines, products passed ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification, CE testing, SGS testing and AWTA (Australian wool inspection Bureau) test.

2. Import of raw materials, fire protection agent has own patent.

Heat insulation materials are imported from Canada, Australia and other countries, and the quality is guaranteed. The flame retardant formula was developed jointly with the South China University of Technology Research Institute, and Landy® Company obtained national patents. Fire retardant performance far exceeds domestic level.


3. Three-layer pure film structure

Pet + pure aluminum + Pe

Pet is mainly used to protect the pure aluminum layer, and has the function of anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion [can extend the service life of 2 to 3 years] The reflectivity of pure aluminum is as high as 97%, and it functions as a reflective heat radiation. The high-grade pure aluminum film used by Landy® guarantees excellent reflectivity and corrosion resistance.


4. Excellent insulation temperature, the maximum temperature of 20 °C.

Pure aluminum double bubble: 10°C20°C; pure aluminum single bubble/aluminum double bubble: 8°C18°C; aluminum plated single bubble: 8°C15°C l Fireproof performance is good, fire rating of custom fireproof products can be Reach B1 (nonflammable material) through firefighting security inspection; ordinary aluminum bubble heat insulation material can be extinguished in 3-4 seconds after being extinguished.


5. The product is thick and uniform

With the same weight and specification, the pressure resistance is stronger and the service life is longer than that of the counterpart. Domestic leading bubble production technology, maximum bubble diameter up to 35mm, and the bubble stability, not easy to leak, very durable; and the maximum height of a single bubble can reach 12mm; with its own research and development of special molds, bubble core material no bubble phenomenon.


6. Easy to install, DIY installation for you. The air bubble heat insulation material is safe, non-toxic and free of particulate matter, and it is not necessary to wear protective clothing during installation, which is more convenient.


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This article simply compare two kinds of heat insulation products by advantages and disadvantages. However, with the continuous improvement of the material living standards, we need more safety and environmental protection products to ensure that our lives are more comfortable. It is highly recommended that we specialize in the production of air bubble heat insulation products at our factory in Landy®. The results will are satisfactory for you.


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