Boiler/water Tank Insulation Improve The Effective Utilization Of Boiler Heat And Steam Production

- Aug 01, 2017-

First, the combination of gas Boiler/water tank insulation is generally divided into two kinds

1, boiler hot water, directly into the storage tank to use.

2, with the gas boiler to produce hot water steam for the use of plant equipment, equipment, exhausted exhaust gas with the switch, the water heating, stored in the insulation tank; such as steam to the water directly to the heating and decompression valve , The tank built-in coil, the coil must be seamless stainless steel tube, the thickness of not less than 3mm, the length of the coil and the water exchange area according to the tank volume to set, coil type generally selected DN20 above (heat recovery, reduce energy waste , For staff bathing water).

Second, the boiler and the water tank links recommended the use of galvanized steel pipe (pay attention to disable the PPR hot melt pipe)

1, galvanized steel pipe its material determines the high temperature, can withstand 100 ℃ high temperature hot water. Its hardness determines its vertical and vertical pipe (note the weld and pipe insulation treatment).

2, PPR tube easy to install, but not high temperature, easy weathering, not easy for high temperature water pipe (its water temperature requirements are 0-60 ℃ most suitable), PPR pipe can be applied to indoor and buried use.

Waste water tank is the use of boiler exhaust heat to improve the water temperature of a device. Boiler installed after the waste heat water tank, the boiler has changed the status of the use of room temperature water, greatly improving the boiler feed water temperature, reduce the heat loss of exhaust heat, improve the effective utilization of boiler heat and steam production. In addition,Boiler/water tank insulation the installation of waste heat water tank, due to the boiler feed water temperature increases, so that the temperature difference between the furnace water and water supply, reducing the water pipe and the connection of the temperature difference between the pressure, but also to reduce the water and other harmful gases on the boiler steel Corrosion. According to the calculation and experience, can improve the boiler thermal efficiency of about 8%, can save about 10% of coal consumption.

Product technical performance characteristics

(1) waste heat tank and air preheater shape for the vertical and horizontal two styles, the internal heating surface are used special steel pipe, durable.

(2) product structure designed to consider the continuity of industrial processes, the use of smaller flue gas resistance and easy to fouling and easy to clean the design features.

(3) the rational use of flue gas flow rate, both to reduce the fouling factors, while avoiding the emergence of abrasive mechanism.

(4) reasonable selection of waste heat recovery device exhaust temperature, to ensure that the heat absorption surface temperature at a higher temperature level, Boiler/water tank insulation in order to avoid condensation and corrosion caused by the phenomenon, while reducing product investment costs.

(5) a 6 ton boiler standard state exhaust temperature in theory generally 160 ℃ ~ 180 ℃, but the actual smoke temperature at 200 ℃ ~ 250 ℃, the use of waste heat recovery device in the recycling of flue gas at the same time, Smoke temperature, to protect the dust collector, to extend its service life.

(B) performance characteristics

1, a wide range of applications

Used in a variety of different power of the shell-type atmospheric pressure (pressure) fuel, gas hot water boilers, steam boiler energy-saving transformation, recovery of exhaust heat for preheating backwater, and other thermal equipment flue gas waste heat, chemical Waste heat recovery, etc., to provide heating, living and industrial hot water.

2, significant economic benefits

Can maximize the recovery of flue gas in the waste heat, so that the boiler thermal efficiency increased by 3 to 7%, for users to save considerable fuel consumption costs,Boiler/water tank insulation generally about 1 year to recover the investment costs.

3, pressure performance is good

Heat pipe economizer water side and the smoke side of the box are round structure, with high-quality materials and sophisticated manufacturing process,Boiler/water tank insulation to meet the different pressure requirements.

4, reliable operation, long service life

Heat pipe economizer is safer than conventional heat exchanger, can be long-term continuous and reliable operation, the normal life of up to ten years.

5, set the water protection function, can prevent dry

In order to prevent the heat pipe economizer water overheating,Boiler/water tank insulation heat pipe economizer equipped with water protection devices, to avoid the possibility of dry.

6, high heat transfer efficiency, small footprint

Heat pipe thermal conductivity, fast thermal response, compact structure, small footprint, flexible layout, particularly suitable for engineering and small ground space and equipment crowded occasions.

7, flexible and diverse installation

Heat pipe economizer installation does not need to change the boiler structure, simply install the energy-saving device in the exhaust pipe system, and can be arranged according to the location of the boiler room in a suitable location for the installation has been widely used in the boiler transformation.