Bubble Foil Wrap Covered Insulation

- Sep 29, 2018-

Bubble foil wrap covered insulation


About Foil lined blanket insulation

Aluminum foil wrap insulation is an insulating product composed of multiple layers of low-e materials designed to significantly reduce radiant heat transfer.

Its Very easy-to-install,foil coated insulation reasonable for a lot of area applications include: water pipe,HVAC duct, carport door,creep space,floor,wall and roof of your home.


This is a brand-new environmental friendly bubble foil wrap insulation material that has not only keep the ultraviolet radiation out of rooms. reflective foil lined insulation  heat transfer forms are mainly three types: radiation, conduction, and convection.




Advantage of foil wrapped insulation rolls


1.Foil covered insulation are Clean, thin and lightweight.


2.Foil layer insulation can significantly resists the growth of mildew,fungi and mold.


3.Foil lined insulation Tasteless and non-toxic, is fiber-free ,does not cause skin allergy.


4.High efficiency and easy to install, Cost-effective and versatile. 




Application foil type based heat insulation

Bubble foil wrap covered insulation material provides thermal reflection,excellent isolation,anti-radiation and heat insulation function. R-value is dependent upon the type of application used. The function above enable the product can be used in house construction area (attic,roof, floor and wall ), so as to reach moisture-proof, heat preservation and energy conservation purpose etc. 

attic insulation (15).jpg


The thermal value of the bubble foil type insulation will vary depending on the direction of heat flow and  the size of the air spaces.When used in conjunction with fiberglass insulation, it reflectivity cat like radiant barrier, vapor control and increased R-value.but used in crawl spaces it also acts as a radon retarder.

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