Building Insulation Materials High-quality High-performance New Building

- Aug 01, 2017-

With the construction of the cable load is growing, the construction of electrical construction of the cable performance requirements are more and more, many cable manufacturers in order to meet market demand, are constantly developing new cables to achieve high-quality high-performance Of new construction cables. On the current technology, the mineral insulated cable is the best performance of a building cable,Building Insulation Materials the following article on its performance and practical application of the situation.

First, the construction of mineral insulated cable performance and advantages

As the mineral insulated cable is based on mineral magnesium oxide as the main insulator material, and magnesium oxide is a non-combustible material, and in the event of high temperature will not produce toxic smoke or other harmful substances, so magnesium oxide as a copper core , Copper jacketed insulator cable with better performance and many advantages, as follows:

1, high insulation

Under normal circumstances, as long as the cable humidity control below 0.4%, the insulation resistance of magnesium oxide insulation than ordinary insulation materials much higher, making the mineral insulated cable with a high insulation.

2, good heat resistance

At high temperatures, neither the core nor the copper jacket is oxidized. Due to the low oxygen content in the cable insulation, the core oxidation is not serious.

3, to allow large capacity

As the magnesium oxide material has a high thermal conductivity and resistance to overload, so that the fire cable can withstand high-density current, especially small cross-section cable. Mineral insulated cable carrying capacity using the British Institute of Electrical Engineers all the calculated after the correction value, for the same section of the cable, the fire cable than other types of cable to send the current to be larger.

4, mechanical properties

Fire protection cable has excellent mechanical properties, and can withstand a large deformation can still maintain their own performance characteristics.

5, good fire characteristics

Building Insulation Materials are not prone to spontaneous combustion or combustion, because the mineral insulated cable is made of magnesium oxide as the insulator, and the melting point of magnesium oxide up to 2800 ℃, it is difficult to easily burn, and thus mineral insulated cable fire performance The

6, corrosion resistance and good radiation resistance

As the copper jacket has good corrosion resistance, under normal circumstances, no need to add protective measures.

7, the use of a longer period, and more secure and reliable

As the structure of the mineral insulated cable is composed of copper core and insulation sheath, is a closed whole, so the material is difficult to be outside the air in the role of oxygen and aging phenomenon, which makes the overall life of the cable longer, and then Coupled with the copper jacket's own characteristics,Building Insulation Materials making the cable grounding better, so the effective realization of the lightning protection grounding measures to ensure that the electrical line running safe and reliable.

8, the higher cost

Compared with the ordinary cable, mineral insulated cable unit price is relatively high, generally higher than 2-3 times, than other fire performance or flame retardant performance of the cable should be about 1 times higher. But from the cost point of view, the price of mineral insulated cable is very high,Building Insulation Materials so its price is actually not high, especially the current mineral insulated cable prices have been declining, it is further increased its Cost-effective.