Coolers & Insulated Bags Timely Inspection And Replacement

- Aug 01, 2017-

1) The Coolers & Insulated Bags is corroded

The main cause of corrosion is the material, the environment (water quality, gas) and electrochemical reaction of the three elements.

The use of corrosion-resistant materials, is an important measure to prevent corrosion, and the current tube-type Coolers & Insulated Bags with a good heat dissipation of copper production, the ionization of a strong tendency, due to contact with different kinds of metal contact corrosion ( Potential difference is different), for example, in the hole plate, moving hole plate and cooling copper pipe mouth often produce serious corrosion phenomenon, the solution is to improve the cooling water quality, the second is the use of aluminum alloy diamond alloy cooling tube.

In addition, the cooler environment includes dissolved oxygen, cooling water quality (pH), temperature, flow rate and foreign body. The more the dissolved oxygen in the water, the more intense the corrosion reaction; in the acidic range, the pH value is reduced, the more lively corrosion reaction, the more serious corrosion, in the alkaline range, the aluminum and other amphoteric metals, with the increase in pH corrosion The flow rate increases, on the one hand increased the oxygen content of the metal surface, on the other hand the flow rate is too large, resulting in turbulent eddy current, will produce cavitation corrosion; another water sand, tiny shellfish bacteria attached to Cooling pipe, but also often produce local erosion.

Also, the presence of chloride ions increases the conductivity of the use of liquids, resulting in increased corrosion due to electrochemical reactions. In particular, chloride ions adsorbed on stainless steel, aluminum alloy will also local damage to the protective film, causing pitting corrosion and stress corrosion. General temperature increases corrosion increases.

In order to prevent corrosion, in the cooler selection and water treatment should pay attention, the former is often difficult to change, the latter users can think of a way. Installed in a water-cooled Coolers & Insulated Bags to prevent the role of electric erosion of zinc rods to be timely inspection and replacement.

2) cooling performance

The main reason is the blockage and sediment retention in the cooling pipe wall, forming a lump and tube scale, so that heat dissipation function is reduced. In addition, the cooling water is insufficient, the cooler water oil product gas will also cause cooling cooling performance. The solution is to first be designed from the use of difficult to block and easy to clean the structure; in the choice of cooler cooling capacity, should try to practice as a basis, and leave a large margin (increase 10% to 25% capacity) (Such as brushing, pressure, water, steam and other washing and washing) or chemical methods (such as Na3003 solution and cleaning agent, etc.) for cleaning; increase the amount of water or with low temperature of the water Cooling; remove the plug plug exhaust; cleaning inside and outside the surface dirt.

3) broken

Due to the temperature difference between the two fluids, the Coolers & Insulated Bags material is affected by thermal expansion, resulting in thermal stress, or too high into the oil pressure; may cause damage to the relevant parts. In addition, in cold areas or in winter, when the night shut down, the tube will be frozen in the expansion of the cooling pipe burst. So as far as possible the use of difficult to affect the thermal expansion of the material, and the use of floating head like the deformation compensation structure; in the cold season every night to put the cooler in the water.

4) oil spills and leaks

The emergence of the oil out of the white, the water discharged from the phenomenon of oil. Leakage, oil spill occurs in the Coolers & Insulated Bags end cap and simplified joint surface, or due to poor welding, cooling pipe rupture, etc.. At this time according to the situation, to replace the seal, welding and other measures to be resolved. When replacing the seal, wash the joint surface, apply a layer of "303" or other adhesive.

5) supercooled

Some of the cooling circuit overflow valve overflow flow with the system changes in the load flow, and thus the heat will change, sometimes over-cooling, resulting in waste. In order to ensure that the system has a suitable oil temperature, can be used to automatically adjust the cooling water temperature control system. If it is lower than the normal oil temperature, stop the cooler work, or even turn on the heater.