Detailed Classification Of Insulation Materials_What Are The Thermal Insulation Materials?

- May 09, 2018-

Detailed Classification of insulation materials_what are the thermal insulation materials?


what are the thermal insulation materials?

The good Thermal insulation materials should have lower thermal conductivity. Relatively speaking, the best performance thermal insulation material should with lowest thermal conductivity.They are insulation materials or composites with significant resistance to heat and cold. According to the method or application,The heat insulation material can be further processed into various of functional insulation products and have wider use. 

So what is the distinguishing features of thermal insulation materials? lightweight, porous, heat-insulating, and sound-absorbing is very important.


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Detailed Classification of insulation materials

Nowadays,there are more and more new thermal insulation materials appear on the market. Many people often ask: know what kind of insulation do i need for my house? So let’s clarify the types of insulation materials.


1.According to the raw material,the insulation product can be divided into inorganic insulation materials, organic insulation materials and composite insulation materials in three major categories.

2. According to the shape can be divided into fibrous insulation, micro-porous insulation, foam insulation,bubble insulation, paste insulation, granular, composite type , insulation panels ,insulation board and so on.

In fact, some insulation products have the same application, but their names are different. Some products have the same name but have different applications.such as the difference between foam insulation boards and foam insulation sheet.


 The product should have been named after a synthetic main raw material, but individual products also have two main raw materials.


In short, new insulation materials are still in continuous development, so some products can only be roughly divided without strict boundaries according to the representative insulation products. For the convenience of understanding, it is classified according to the form of the thermal insulation material.

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