Easy To Install Attic Access Insulation

- Oct 30, 2018-


About attic access insulation

Most attic doors are poorly designed and cause tremendous energy loss throughout the year. Did you know that the attic door can be one of the greatest sources of air leakage in ur house? The Attic stair cover, an insulating attic door cover that shields and puts a lid on air leaks, addresses all of the primary issues as well as being.

Using a attic door cover is a great way to seal the opening to your attic.



Landy aluminium attic door cover solves that problem by insulating and reflecting the heat, and sealing the opening to your attic. It will help save energy cost by lowering heating and cooling bills.


 Advantages of attic insulation cover

1.The thermal insulation attic cover Light weight.

2.Sewn seams for added strength and longevity

3.Easy to use zipper for quick access from insulation cover for loft

4.Landy attic door cover is made of highly reflective thermal radiant barrier. reflecting up to 96%.

5. attic cover helps to keep valuable heated and cooled air in the house.

6.easy loft insulation cover can install simple.easy attic insulation can handle simply,



How To Use the aluminum attic insulation tent?

1.Open the cover zippers that allow easy access to the attic.

2.Enter the attic and close the attic door if needed.

 (NOTE: You cannot close the Attic cover from attic inside )

3.To close the zipper when you left. Don’t remember it.