Floor Insulation Feet Comfortable And Natural, Flexible

- Aug 01, 2017-

Cork features:

① cork composite floor structure is reasonable, good dimensional stability. In the case of dramatic changes in temperature and humidity do not crack is not Alice, not rot not boring.

② sound insulation performance. Due to the good acoustic damping characteristics of cork, the cork flooring becomes excellent noise reduction,Floor Insulation noise reduction flooring material, especially suitable for pavement in the studio, conference room, library, reading room, elderly residence, classroom and high-rise building in

③ good thermal insulation performance. Summer can reduce the outdoor hot air intrusion, winter can avoid indoor heat through the ground leakage. Thus ensuring the floor surface temperature is constant, usually cork flooring surface temperature maintained at about 20 degrees

④ non-absorbent, moisture-proof, good anti-pollution performance. In addition to toluene, acetone, the remaining 30 kinds of chemicals and more than 10 kinds of liquid on the board no effect.

⑤ can be anti-static. Cork is a very good insulator,Floor Insulation especially suitable for many electronic equipment, the need for anti-static place.

⑥ can prevent insects.

⑦ Feet comfortable and natural, flexible, can reduce the damage caused by accidental fall. Is conducive to the growth of children's bones, the protection of adults, especially the elderly knee. Long time walking on the cork floor, standing without fatigue.

5, bamboo flooring: bamboo flooring is a composite of bamboo and wood products. Its panel and floor, using a good bamboo, and its core layer for the fir, camphor and other wood. Its production production to rely on sophisticated machinery and equipment and advanced science and technology and standardized production process,Floor Insulation through a series of anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, moisture, high pressure, high temperature and gluing, rotary grinding and other nearly 40 complicated process, to become A new type of composite floor.

Bamboo flooring features:

1, special texture. As a ground material, solid and flexible, warm and cool summer, natural and elegant, comfortable and safe.

2, good decoration Rich color, beautiful texture, decorative forms and diverse.

3, good physical performance. There is a certain degree of hardness but with a certain degree of flexibility, insulation insulation, sound moisture, not aging.

4, the use of certain limitations. Itself is not water, fire, need to be a certain treatment have this ability. Dry shrinkage strong, handling and application is not easy to produce cracking deformation, protection and maintenance requirements are higher. The shortcomings of bamboo flooring is very obvious, and the characteristics of bamboo itself, it is very easy to deformation. Especially in the northern region,Floor Insulation in the winter heating room is generally very dry, easy to make bamboo floor cracking deformation. As the bamboo itself is relatively smooth, hardness is also large, so the adhesion of the film is low, so many bad quality bamboo flooring in the use of paint will occur after the phenomenon. And cork flooring, I feel the biggest advantage of bamboo flooring is the use of bamboo this fast-growing material, while reducing the consumption of trees.

PVC flooring: PVC flooring is the world's most popular a new type of light floor decoration materials, also known as "light body material." Refers to the use of PVC material produced by the floor. Specifically, polyvinyl chloride and its copolymer resin as the main raw material, adding filler,Floor Insulation plasticizer, stabilizer, coloring agent and other accessories, in the continuous sheet on the substrate, the coating process or by rolling, extrusion or extrusion Craft production.